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The Jungle Fairies Children's Book Supports Amaze

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Raising a child is often described as an extremely  joyous and rewarding full time job.  Raising a child with special needs or disabilities is still be a joyous and rewarding full time job plus a fraction more.  It is organisations such as Amaze that make raising a child with special needs or disabilities manageable.  They take away the how, who, when and where questions and replace them with practical answers. 

 Working with Amaze is an honour as this charity contributes so much to the Brighton and Hove community of which I am proud to call home.  Thank you Amaze.

Words from Nicky Bagilhole – AMAZE Fundraiser

The Jungle Fairies Children's Book Supports AmazeAmaze is an independent voluntary organisation that offers information, advice and support to parents and carers of children and young people with special needs and disabilities in Brighton & Hove. We work to empower parents to expect and get the best for their children.

We aim to support parents by helping them through the emotional and practical demands of getting the right services, finance, leisure and health care. We work to encourage good communication and partnership between parents and carers and service providers for the benefit of the whole family.

We would like to thank Fungi for her continuing support, enthusiasm and hard work on behalf of Amaze. By purchasing this book you are also contributing to our charity – Thank you!

Amaze Community Base 113 Queens Road Brighton BN1 3XG

Helpline: 01273 772289

Amaze Brighton and Hove
UK Company Limited by Guarantee No: 3818021
Registered Charity No: 1078094